Friday, October 5, 2012

Guest Blogger Bob Horbaczewski

Interview with Bob Horbaczewski



A child of the 80's, Bob Horbaczewski grew up immersed in both Science Fiction and Fantasy. Inspired at a young age to write, Bob found a passion in story telling and was rarely found without a pen and pad to write with. Lost to the wonders of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dune, Dungeons and Dragons, Marvel, DC, and numerous other stories, Bob became determined to craft his own tales. In every spare moment of his life, Bob found time to write. However, in the summer of 2006 one idea began to consume his creative process. Born years earlier in a wild hailstorm of thought, The Malef Chronicles found a pressure to be brought to a more refined form. Years prior Bob had dreamed of crafting an epic nine part story of galactic wars, betrayals, love, death, and wonder and in 2006 he finally took the steps to begin that very story.
When and why did you start writing?

The first time I remember starting to write seriously was when I was in sixth grade. I remember trying to pen my first novel in my spare time, a science fiction/action piece. Unfortunately I was unable to finish that story as my family moved from Hawaii to Arizona. The first time I seriously started approaching writing was in my early twenties. After taking a hiatus from college to help my mother through a divorce, I had to reevaluate what I wanted to do with my life. The first path I chose was film, and consequently as I hoped to tell my own stories in that medium I wrote my own screenplay. That movie, 'Into The Darkness', can be viewed on YouTube in its entirety. Following that project I became driven to write my own novel, as the story I envisioned seemed to obsess my thoughts.

The main reason that I write is probably to get those stories out of my mind. I am constantly consumed with thoughts towards my imagination, stories that play endlessly until I finally put pen to paper and force them into a tangible form. I love the idea behind crafting a world and placing characters in circumstances that challenge the human condition.

What are you working on now and what are your writing goals/plans for the future?

I am currently working on a few separate projects. First and foremost, I am still trying to promote my first book, 'The Malef Chronicles'. At the same time I am working on writing the second book in that series. I have also written another screenplay, that my friends and I are hoping to gain funding through Kickstarter to see made. On the back burner is a second screenplay and a novel about a female assassin and her exploits. 

My goals are to continue to writing and see all of these projects through to their end. I am hopeful that I can garner an audience for my work and one day make writing my profession instead of just my passion.

What is your favorite part about writing?

My favorite part of writing is crafting a story. I enjoy having the ability and responsibility of creating an entire universe. Being able to take that world and the characters within and create a story that is both interconnected and exciting. I like thinking that in some way I am able to tell a tale that can take someone out of their life, a give them a chance to be lost in my imagination for whatever length of time.

Favorite book(s)?

My favorite book is 'Dune', by Frank Herbert. I still remember reading it for the first time in high school and being so drawn into the world that Mr. Herbert had crafted. I loved the depth that he had given his characters, and the dark elements of death and battle that moved the story along. Beyond that I love reading as much as I can squeeze into my day. One of my favorite series that I have read recently was the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. The way in which Mr. Butcher was able to take his characters and grow them over the course of the series was inspiring. I never felt cheated in the way he connected events between his novels, instead each seemed a logical progression of the story, and I was genuinely sad when the series was over.

 Favorite movie(s)?

As a child, and still to this day my favorite movie is 'Star Wars'. I remember at four years old going with my mother to my older brother's elementary school to watch a bootleg copy of 'Empire Strikes Back'. Schools were much more lenient of what kids watched back in those days. We brought bags popcorn and as I sat there watching, I was instantly hooked on not only the movie itself, but also the genre.

Favorite TV show(s)?

Right now my favorite shows on television are 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Walking Dead'. I am a big fan of science fiction shows and love 'Doctor Who' and 'Fringe'. I'm hopeful 'Revolution' will become a solid show. 'Burn Notice' and 'Royal Pains' help get me through the summers. I also enjoy some of the more indulgent shows on television like 'Wipeout', 'The Real World/The Challenge', and 'The Soup'. I always loved food shows as a child, so I can usually tune to the Food Channel and find something that will pique my interest.

What is on your "Bucket List"

I don't really have a "Bucket List". I try my best to live for the now. If there is a place or an event I have a drive to go to I will find a way to do as much. The same could be said for activities and experiences in life. We are only given a short amount of time in this life, so it is my belief to live as much in the present as you can.


In the distant future, Colin Kinison, a brash, young and arrogant pilot is thrust into the middle of an impeding galactic war after his ship is suddenly attacked while investigating an unusual anomaly at the edge of known space. O'Tel, king of the Ter'Ok'Zhu, an ancient race of mystics, recruits Colin to help him stop Xyrus, Dark Lord of the Belgae, from assassinating a once thought lost Princess. A tale of swordplay and space fights, bringing together fantasy and science fiction, The Malef Chronicles offers an epic journey into the fantastic.


ZOOM! A seasick breezed by Colin, shocking him back to reality. Now the decisive moment had come. To turn back, Colin would face not only embarrassment and shame from his squad, but he would never hear the end of it from Sasha. He could not bear that fate, so out across the deck he walked to the seasick that had so recently buzzed by him. It chirped in response to his presence. “Hey there little buddy,” Colin quipped at the robot, not that it could understand or respond to his comment, but the simple routine helped calm his nerves.

Colin removed a magnetic strip from his suit. A crude creation put together in his spare time, this small black strip of silicon and steel was Colin’s ticket to glory. In theory the strip would interfere with the Seasick’s primary functions just enough for him to directly interface and take control of the bot. Sasha had helped him design it, as countless failed attempts to dissuade him from his prior stunts had taught her that it was better to help keep him as safe as possible, than see what damage he would cause if left to his own devices. As with most schemes thought up in the middle of the night, this one sounded worse and worse with each passing moment. Colin reached the seasick. There was no predicting how it would react to him jumping on board, yet alone how its system would react to the interference from the magnetic strip. There was only one-way to find out; Colin leapt.

The most agile of leaps it was not, but it was beautiful nonetheless. Colin landed square on the back of the Seasick and made a grotesque thud. The air from his lungs rushed out of his mouth, leaving him mere seconds to regain his composure. The Seasick would be alerting for help at any moment. This was his shining moment and suddenly ego overtook him. Colin’s mind trailed off to the future, of the stories that would be told with such brevity. He looked back at his squad and waved in triumph. Not thinking Colin lost his grip and fumbled the magnetic strip, dropping it to the empty depths of space. All of his glory lost in a heartbeat, in a single act of foolish bravado. In desperation, Colin lunged for the strip. His legs barely hung onto the side of the Seasick as the strip floated further and further away, gone forever. The Seasick’s alarm wailed. His failure was now complete.


  1. Great to have you as a guest, Bob. You're the first person I interviewed!

  2. Thank you again for the opportunity to introduce myself and my work to your audience. I'm very honored to be your first interview. I look forward to seeing the many others that are sure to follow.

  3. Great interview! Congrats on your book, Bob!