Monday, October 1, 2012

Carbon Copy-Deleted Sex scene

Carbon Copy-Deleted Sex Scene
By: Terri Talley Venters
Grier lightly kissed Lilly’s ears. He buried his face in the softness of her hair and breathed in her aroma, instantly aroused from her scent. He slowly kissed her neck. His hot breath sent chills down her spine.
Lilly’s body tingled all over. She savored Grier’s kisses and longed for his touches. Neither of them could bear to wait much longer. They were so happy and so in love, and needed to join their bodies together.
Grier picked Lilly up and looked deep into her eyes. His mouth covered hers possessively. He carried her below deck and laid her down on the bed. He climbed on top of her and braced himself above her with the strength of his arms.
Grier’s tongue circled her lips. Then he plunged it deeply into her mouth and took possession of his woman. They don’t remember their clothes coming off.  But now they were both naked.  
His hands and mouth covered Lilly’s naked body. Grier’s kisses and caresses were gentle at first. But as his desire grew stronger, so did the pressure of his touch. Their naked bodies ignited as their hot skin rubbed together.
Grier wanted Lilly more than anything in the world. When he looked into her eyes, she saw his passion and longing. He kissed her gently on the mouth. His arms braced himself above her. With a push up like motion, he slowly lowered himself on top of her, crushing Lilly’s body beneath his. He continued kissing her in a fever of passion.
She loved the weight of his body on top of hers. Lilly’s hips moved beneath his and arched up into his groin. Her legs wrapped around one of his legs. She thrust her hips up and down and squeezed her thighs together around his leg. The top of Lilly’s mons rubbed up and down his leg. She writhed with anticipation.
Grier leaned back on his knees and sat up. He grabbed a pillow and placed it under her bottom. She automatically lifted her legs, perpendicular to her body. He grabbed her ankles with one hand and rested them on his shoulder. He slowly entered her with one long stroke.
“Oh, my God,” she said. Lilly’s eyes rolled back in her head, savoring the raw pleasure between her legs.
Grier repeated the slow motion and slid his cock slowly in and out with long smooth strokes. With Lilly’s legs together, her tightness wrapped around Grier’s throbbing organ. She squeezed her vaginal muscles together each time he fully submersed his manhood inside of her. Then she released the pressure as he slid his shaft almost out. Their rhythm synchronized perfectly with each other.
Their breathing grew heavier as Grier picked up the pace of his deep thrusts—faster, faster, and faster. He pulled Lilly’s legs apart, and gently spread her thighs down to the bed. Her legs extended nearly horizontal with the bed in an upside down split.  
Grier pulled out his rock-hard shaft, leaving Lilly empty without the fullness of him inside of her. Then his mouth went down on her hot, wet pussy. He licked her juices quickly, like a cat lapping up milk from a dish. He proved amazing at this.  He focused the tip of his tongue on her clit, and circled it in a repeating figure-eight pattern.
Without stopping the motion of his tongue, he glided his index finger inside Lilly’s sheath. In a ‘come-hither’ motion, he rapidly moved the tip of his finger across the top of the inside of her vaginal wall—the G-spot!
“Oh, my God, that’s it,” Lilly said. She grabbed her tits and fondled them roughly. She squeezed the tips of her nipples and released a high-pitched moan.
Encouraged by her response, Grier intensified his efforts. He moved his tongue faster and faster as he increased the pressure on her clit. He slid a second finger inside of Lilly and rubbed her G-spot with the tips of his fingers. He moaned as he pleasured her. He thrived on her ecstasy.
“Oh, my God!” Lilly screamed. Her hips vibrated up and down. She held it for as long as she could. She loved this intense pleasure. She wanted it to last forever. Her body enjoyed a wonderful orgasm high. And she knew Grier’s climax drew near.
“Ooooooooh, ooooooogh,” Lilly moaned in a high pitch. “Oh, my, God!” Her legs started to shake. She closed her thighs together, knocking Grier’s head out of the way. Lilly’s entire body shook like fish out of water. The shaking slowed down and her entire body clenched together tightly. She cupped her breasts gently to comfort herself.
“Fuck me! Fuck me, now! Grier, please, you gotta fuck me right now!” Lilly begged him to do her bidding.
Eager to oblige, Grier mounted Lilly in missionary position and plunged into her with a frenzy of passion. He moved inside her fast and hard. He plunged his rock-hard shaft deeper and deeper with each thrust.
“Oooh, oooh, aaah, aaah,” Lilly screamed as her hips vibrated again. Her whole body clenched together. Her vaginal walls tightened around Grier’s shaft as he shuddered with pleasure. He released himself inside of her with one last deep plunge.
“Uuuh, uuuh,” he moaned as he closed his eyes. He hugged Lilly close and buried his face in her hair. She hugged him tightly with her cheek against his neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to get as close to him as humanly possible. They both cried from sheer bliss before falling asleep with their limbs entangled.


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